Anacaona - Queen of vanilla

Event dates : December 1st 2017, December 2nd 2017, December 3rd 2017, December 7th 2017, December 8th 2017, December 9th 2017, December 10th 2017, December 14th 2017, December 15th 2017

Anacaona is a Quebec-based company introducing itself with the black gold of the New World: “Vanilla”. The premium 20 cm to 25 cm gourmet quality pods they offer is a rarity. 

Their exceptionally opulent Vanilla extract is a 100% natural “Grand Cru”. With refined hints of almonds, cooked fruits, cocoa and black cherries, this product concocted in Quebec is as worthy of your royal table, than that of Anacaona “The queen of the vanilla”.