Atelier Crocodile

Event dates : December 2nd 2017, December 3rd 2017, December 9th 2017, December 10th 2017, December 16th 2017, December 23rd 2017

Atelier Crocodile is an art and illustration workshop for children of 5 years-old and over. Tina Modeweg-Hansen and Sandra Dumais share a studio on the Plateau Mont-Royal and open their doors to children each second Saturday of the month for creative and fun mornings. In the atmosphere of a very real artist studio, your children will learn how to create beautiful images while thinking about composition, depth, contrast, using surprising palettes.

For the Grand Christmas Market, Atelier Crocodile propose Christmas cards making workshops under the theme The Magic of the Night. We will work on a black background to create beautiful contrasts and colorful palettes. 3$ per card, 3 different card models (each weekend).
December 2nd : 1pm to 3pm
December 3rd: 3:15pm to 5:15pm
December 9th : 1pm to 3pm
December 10th: 3:15pm to 5:15pm
December 16th : 1pm to 3pm
December 23rd : 1pm to 3pm