Event dates : December 16th 2017, December 17th 2017, December 18th 2017, December 19th 2017, December 20th 2017, December 21st 2017, December 22nd 2017, December 23rd 2017, December 24th 2017

The Kipik Sauce, also called red chili chutney, is a family hot sauce recipe from the Reunion Island, made in Montreal.
It stands out from every other hot sauce by its unique, fresh and textured flavor, and the fact that it is raw, natural and additive-free calls out for a gustatory journey.
Kipik enhances the taste of your dishes at the corner of a plate, or can be used as a marinade for shrimps and the cooking of chicken wings.
In activity since a year and a half, Kipik has managed to be featured in the press and television several times.
At each event, Kipik is a success among the public. We are looking forward to meet you and have you taste our products during the Christmas holidays.