Savonnerie M'Nonga D'amour

Event dates : December 1st 2017, December 2nd 2017, December 3rd 2017, December 7th 2017, December 8th 2017, December 9th 2017, December 10th 2017, December 14th 2017, December 15th 2017

The Savonnerie M’Nonga D’Amour is a company located in Montreal. It has been standing out in the past four years thanks to its simple, effective and affordable products. Lovers of fine fragrances and bath products, our items and made out of 100% natural ingredients and essential oils. Moisturizing and vegan soaps, nourishing balms and relaxing bath products… Here are gifts you can offer to yourself and loved ones!
Come and meet me, and discover the amazing products of the Savonnerie M’Nonga D’Amour.