Thé Bangoshi

Event dates : December 16th 2017, December 17th 2017, December 18th 2017, December 19th 2017, December 20th 2017, December 21st 2017, December 22nd 2017, December 23rd 2017, December 24th 2017

Bangoshi is a brand new company that specializes in matcha tea. Contrarily to infused tea, the matcha is a variety of green tea reduced to powder. We therefore consume the whole tea leaf and its benefits (energy, concentration, antioxidant). The Bangoshi matcha has been selected after tests made on around fifty different matchas. Bangoshi propose gift sets with all the essentials of matcha: whisk, spoon, matcha and recipes; all wrapped in a festive cloth, inspired by the Japanese furoshiki technique!